About Us


Houston Wall is a company that specializes in printing canvas art on demand. These wall hangings can be used to spice up any bedroom or office, and the clever designs are surely catch your eyes! From giraffes lounging on trees to sketches of different people’s faces, each piece has its own unique characteristics for you to enjoy. The wide array of categories ensures there will always be something new for you; Want butterflies? We’ve got them! How about mandalas? They’re here too! If none of these options seem appealing as they pass by your eyes like an abstract painting then don’t worry – we also offer custom prints so if there’s anything else you would prefer just shoot us over an email with all details included.

Do you enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by art? Think about how much more homely and comfortable your living space would be if it was filled with a variety of artwork. Our canvas print wall décor can serve as an excellent way to show off our own style while also expressing who we are on the inside, all without dealing with pesky frames or mounting hardware! Consider purchasing one for yourself, whether that is abstract prints in bright colors or even simple landscapes- there’s something perfect out there just waiting for you to find it.

It’s not just about the quality of our products; it is also about how you feel when shopping at our store. We have a number of customers who are loyal to us and this tells us that we’re doing something right, so thank you for being such an important part in what makes Houston Wall successful!



Davis Patterson